December first, like every year, was the international World AIDS Day. For our organisation one of the most important days of the year, if only because of our origin as "Youth Against AIDS".

In recent months, COVID19 has led to shortages of supplies and counseling around the world - a major setback in the fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Our Advisory Board member Jens Spahn, Federal Minister of Health, has clear words here:

"Corona has been occupying not only us, but the whole world for almost two years. But that is why we must not forget topics such as sexual health. Because HIV/AIDS affects many people in Germany and around the world. And if the topic disappears from people's minds, new infections are imminent. To raise awareness of the issue again, we need education - and we need it all year round, just like the offerings of the ohhh! foundation. My special thanks go to this commitment."

With other STDs such as chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea on the rise, this year's campaign and activations will focus on where the biggest lever for disease prevention is: condoms. Our awareness campaign will take place throughout December and into next year.

Already on 27.11. we could start with a great action with the on-demand delivery service Flink. In Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and Cologne we placed over 40.000 condoms in the delivery bags, together with a flyer pointing out our awareness offer and the urgency to use condoms. We were supported by our partner Durex, who provided the condoms. This allowed us to place our condoms directly with consumers. We received positive feedback online without exception for the campaign, which was promoted on Instagram and TikTok. With Flink, we plan to take our activations into next year and beyond. We are happy to have found a dynamic and zeitgeisty partner with this promising start-up. Here's to more activations, we look forward!

With Durex, we were able to make another important activation on World AIDS Day: Together with our medical expert and specialist fluencer Dr. Stefan Zippel, we jointly addressed important questions from our communities on the topic of STIs & HIV/AIDS. It's great that together with such a great partner as Durex, we can use our reach together in creative and impactful formats.

Dr. Zippel also accompanied us in our third activation, which took place on the hyperlocal platform Jodel. Here we were able to hold a one-hour "ask me anything" with Dr. Zippel in addition to a giveaway. Over 22 thousand people interacted with our posting and we were able to answer many, relevant questions. In honor of World AIDS Day, Jodel also changed the color of their entire feed to red.

In addition to the digital activation, our brand also happened analog in several places. In Berlin, numerous posters were put up all over the city, and on two evenings we displayed our campaign messages on the walls of a house.

We are happy that we were able to have a loud and colourful World AIDS Day despite the Corona-related restrictions. We would have liked to discuss, exchange and create awareness in person as well. This will happen as soon as it is possible again.

We would like to thank more than explicitly our partners Gilead, MSD and AXA, who make the campaign and our activation possible with their longstanding support. It is only through our strong network that we can do our awareness work on this scale.