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We're kicking off our campaign to #updateHIV this weekend at the 24th international AIDS conference in Montreal, Canada. The IAS's global event welcomes over 9,000 scientists and activists and hosts hundreds of panel discussions. Our team is amongst thousands of scientists, activists, social workers and people active in the field. We're meeting up with old friends and new acquaintances to reconnect after covid, exchange about recent developements and share and present key excerpts from our upcoming scientific report “Epidemic of the Mind.” 

Our mission is to fight back and challenge stigma and discrimination!

#updateHIV aims to challenge modern misconceptions of HIV and the global perspective on a virus that has been affected by misinformation and stigma since the 1980s. Decades of scientific advancement have turned HIV into a preventable and treatable virus. 

It’s not medicine holding us back. Today, HIV is an epidemic of the mind. With over 4’000 new infections daily, we must speak out against harmful beliefs and misinformation. We need to educate and inform to fight the stigma! It’s time for an update

You can learn more about the campaign as well as read the report for yourself by visiting: updatehiv.com.