More and more countries around the world are approving and funding the HPV vaccination for teenagers and young adults. Whereas in some areas it is simply known as a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer and thus recommended or more prominently known amongst young women it actually is acknowledge to be useful for all genders. The vaccination can not only help spread a variety of HPV strains and the risk of cervical cancer, it also helps to prevent genital warts, anal cancer or head and neck cancer. 

„The HPV vaccination can protect against cancer - it is a real game changer for cancer prevention“, says Anna Konopka, COO at ohhh! and responsible for educational offers. 

For the ohhh! foundation and its educational and informational offers it is a high priority to push the information and knowledge around HPV and the vaccination among young people as well as parents and medical staff. The ohhh! foundation has implemented information about HPV in offers like the „FAQ YOU“ platform and uses the @faqyou social media channels (aimed at 13-26 year old sex newbies and advanced beginners) to raise awareness and start conversations with young people. In order to further help the young audience to take prevention into their own hands, ohhh! has for example in Germany partnered up with the „Stiftung Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft“ (German Cancer Foundation) in order to promote knowledge in schools and workshops as well as organise vaccination days to make the vaccination easily accessible and raise the low vaccination quota of just above 30%.

Today on World Cancer Day and on all other days in the year, the ohhh! foundation and its partners strive to end the spread of HPV and make sure as many young people as possible receive information and access to the HPV vaccination.