Lena Faecks

We are overwhelmed every time we talk to so many committed teachers. Again and again it becomes clear how great the need for education in schools is - and how grateful teachers are for any support on this topic.

Common questions & topics are:
- how do I speak adequately to my students?
- how not to be embarrassing & embarrased?
- what do they already know, where do we start?
- what offers (e.g. for workshops) are there?

In this webinar, we were able to answer many questions from the teachers with the help of our longtime partner Dr. Stefan Zippel ("Dr. Z") from LMU University Munich.

With the support of the Federal Ministry of Health, we are constantly developing our services. Teachers can find out more here: lernen.faqyou.de

Project executing entity: Jugend gegen AIDS e. V.