2020 was a challenging, but exciting year for each of us. But as the team of committed young adults we are, we - and of course so many of you guys out there! - never lost track of our goals. We took the chance to grow from this very challenge and continuously draw full potential from seemingly unsolvable situations.

In 2020, we have grown as an organization and were piled up by so many eager and engaged new team members. Despite the number of people who are committed to our goals, diversity and interculturality remained equally important to us and we have now even managed to establish a 50% female quote in the Leadership Circle. We did so by recognizing and promoting competencies and creating a "diversity first" platform where young women can learn from and with each other. By announcing Anna Konopka-Feiler as our COO in March, and Lukas Künzler as our Finance Lead we supplemented our leadership team by two dedicated individuals, who are constantly working to bring out the best out of our organization.

Overall, we have grown not only in numbers, but also in ideas, inspiration, and commitment to a greater good. We are thankful that so many of you out there believe in what we do.

Even though the pandemic has challenged the way we present what we do, we are confident that we were able to achieve every goal we had, if not beyond. We not only paved the way to more access through innovative digital solutions, but in doing so, we were able to essentialize our work and point out our focus on such methods.

This year’s annual International AIDS conference AIDS2020: Virtual  was held completely digitally this year - and we went full steam ahead with the AHEAD hackathon and had a successful conference. As part of this, we were able to showcase our solution, as part of the "We could end AIDS if..." campaign: We launched FAQ YOU US, our home-made digital platform, a one-stop-shop solution for youth’s questions regarding their sexual health, with an integrated AI-Chatbot and many digital features. And just recently we presented its German counterpart.

And last but not least, we finally introduced our umbrella brand: with the ohhh! foundation we have created the basis for a professional, appreciative working environment to further develop ourselves as an organization and above all our teams.

In the light of all the constructive work we draw from our creative work in the crisis, we would like to put this very light on those who made all this possible in the first place. We would like to say thank you. Thank you to our teams for their tireless commitment and motivation. Hours of volunteer work in your spare time - we do not take your engagement for granted and celebrate every idea, commitment, and action you offer to ohhh!.
Thank you to our partners in crime for their outstanding support: Gilead Sciences, Levis, MSD Merck, Facebook, Instagram, and AXA. However, not only businesses, but also politicians, policy shapers, and actors in the public sphere are among our strongest supporters. Here we can name: Jens Spahn, Dorothee Bär, Miriam Meckel, Monica Geingos, Riccardo Simonetti, Astrid Stange, Daniel Bahr, Diana zur Löwen, and so many more. We know that we do not only share a common belief in the future of sexual health and education, but also a long history of coworking and mutual support, as well as commitment. You have always believed in us and what we do, a priceless and highly appreciated gift, which eventually enabled us to become the organization we are today.
And last, but definitely not least, thank you to you guys, our community, for your ideas, well-wanted criticism, and never ending support!

2020 has demanded a lot from us - but has also offered us incredible development potential. We now say goodbye for 2020 as we are starting into our winter break today. We will be back on 11.01.2021.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a good start into the new year! Stay safe and stay healthy