Today marks a very special day for us, as it finally evolves to become its own roof, to become Ohhh!. This does under no circumstances mean the end of Youth against AIDS, actually quite the contrary. Ohhh! is meant to give all our projects and deriving organizations a home, to provide them with fertile ground and at the same time allow them to spread their wings and grow organically. The reasons why we decided to use the momentum of the ongoing crisis and make a sweeping leap towards the future of health and sexual education become obvious, as you take a look at our story:


We started our journey with founding Jugend gegen AIDS (German for Youth against AIDS) in Hamburg in 2010 – as a group of pupils who wanted to do something against HIV/AIDS. As of today, more than ten years later, we have grown into an organization with public visibility, international reach and prominent supporters. Over the course of those ten years, we have established ourselves as an international organization. With our very own brand FAQ YOU, we published a book, launched a complex digital platform and now produce our own podcast. We are involved in many different projects in six countries on three continents where we empower young people to explore, embrace, and experience their individual sexuality respectfully and safely. We provide knowledge, protection and support for their health, well-being and happiness.


Learning and being able to learn is essential to our work. Every project – present or past – taught us new knowledge and skills that are crucial to this organization’s success. Furthermore, constantly reimagining the status quo lies at the beginning of many of our innovative projects but also at the start of the story of Ohhh!. The founding of the Organization for Human Health and Happiness is not merely a restructuring for administrative purposes but marks a new chapter of our work. We look forward to a very successful 2021 and to the exciting beginnings of Ohhh!.