In the coming days, the G7 Summit will take place at Schloss Elmau. In addition to our CEO Daniel Nagel, our Africa Board Member, Roman Malessa will be present on site for the first time as part of civil society. The topic of health is not only a focus of the German G7 Presidency, but also one of the top issues of the summit. That is why we are using the coming days to link up on the ground, to make the voice of youth heard and to campaign for more prevention efforts. In many regions of the world today, we see a dramatic increase in sexually transmitted infections and little attention and awareness for young people's health.

" Equal access to education, prevention and health care are essential to start a healthy life as a young person. That is why we are calling for more attention to the needs of the young generation," says Daniel Nagel.

"We see that unintended pregnancies, STI infections and mental health problems among young people are on the rise internationally. The Group of 7 can help change this. For example, with solid support from mechanisms like the Global Fund, we have a chance to get back closer to our goals and end diseases like HIV/AIDS by 2030," Roman Malessa urges.