Her Excellency Mrs. Monica Geingos, First Lady of the Republic of Namibia joins Advisory Board of ohhh! foundation

The ohhh! foundation, the organisation for human health and happiness, is beyond honored to announce the accession of Her Excellency, First Lady of Namibia, Mrs. Monica Geingos, as new member to their Advisory Board. It equals the utmost gratification that the ohhh! foundation officially ties their bond with Mrs. Geingos and are allowed on counting her as a long term supporter and mentor to their organisation henceforth. Mrs. Geingos is considered one of the leading and most powerful figures in the global HIV response and youth care, which makes her a strong partner and advocate at the side of the international organisation. She is a UNAIDS Special Advocate for young women and girls since 2016 and she received meaningful awards for her commitment against HIV/AIDS. 

There is no greater validation of the legitimacy of our actions than the official commitment of such a high-ranking global leader to jointly shape the future four youth in Southern Africa. We value Mrs. Geingos as a charismatic, empathic, and empowering woman, with passion for the wellbeing and sexual health of youth in Southern Africa. The connection is rooted in this mutual interest, that the ohhh! foundation follows since its establishment 12 years ago. Through the consolidation with Mrs. Geingos, ohhh! foundation set the stage to deepen their work within its local implementation in a sustainable and authentic way.

Monica Geingos gives us the strength we need in order to fulfill our dream of an AIDS free future. We are honoured, that she joins our advisory board to manifest her long time commitment to our organisation and our team“.

- Daniel Nagel, CEO of ohhh! foundation

While our organisation thrives on its innovative approaches and our strong hands-on mentality, it is partners like Mrs. Geingos who eventually enable us to make a lasting impact that is effective in improving the lives of young people.

Roman Malessa, CPO of ohhh! foundation

Within Youth against AIDS, an initiative by ohhh! foundation, we can already prove the effectiveness of the new partnership with Her Excellency: In cooperation with the #befree movement, an initiative founded by Mrs. Geingos, they started a joint condom distribution program in Namibia a month ago. Having set up and filled already five dispensers on colleges, the project is to be expanded nationwide by the end of the year, with the ohhh! foundation providing nearly 150,000 youth-friendly condoms to young people. 

Through her involvement in this project, Mrs. Geingos shows that the cooperation is not only on a consultative level, but by devoting her own initiative, she proactively engages in actions and common mission of ohhh! foundation. This spirit demonstrates the very pivotal essence to truly make a difference, that the organisation carries in its DNA and that they seek to further spread by partnerships like these. It is our responsibility to stand up and take action to enable youth an unrestricted access to contraception and health care.

One of the most consistent issues raised on our #BeFree programs is the need to address the consequences of early and unprotected sexual activity amongst adolescents. Your effort to make condoms ‚cool’ again is consequential in improving the sexual and reproductive health outcomes for young people, particularly in relation to the increasing prevalence of unwanted pregnancies, HIV, and other sexually transmitted infection.

I have immense appreciation for your leadership, passion, and energy. […] It is a privilege for me to serve young people and I am delighted to be working alongside the two of you - and the rest of your team - on adolescent HIV prevention and sexual health.

- Monica Geingos, in response to our invitation to become a member of our advisory board

At the ohhh! foundation young people work to provide a continuum of holistic services to health gaps experienced by young people. Through their actions, research, and content, the organisation has grown both the scope and size of our work year after year—however we can’t do it alone. Much of the success is due to the incredible board of advisors, every year this group of leaders from the businesses and chambers dedicate their time and talent to help to refine the organisation’s strategy and create an even greater impact. To this effect we once again cordially welcome Mrs. Geingos within their organisation and are looking forward to future endeavors.