We are aware of digital tools having become an important supplier of innovation and information in the healthcare sector - and not just since the introduction of Corona Warning Apps. After an extensive period of planning, we were able to present our digital education platform faqyou.com to the U.S. public earlier this year. On today’s World AIDS Day we finally launch the MVP (minimal viable product) of the German FAQ YOU education platform. But what do we know about the needs of the German youth? 

Together with the market research institute Appinio, we could prove in a representative survey what we have long suspected: Germany's youth is not as informed as many think and, above all, they lack access to knowledge, protection and services. Almost every second person between the ages of 16 and 24 experienced situations where they had questions about sexual health and/or sexuality and did not know where to find the right answers. Significantly more than half of those surveyed also do not know where they can get tested for sexually transmitted infections (60%), or whether and if, which tests are covered by their health insurance - in this case the figure is as high as 81%. Furthermore, almost one in two people aged 16 to 24 stated that they would use an anonymous online platform that answers their questions about sexual health. This is where we tackle. With FAQ YOU (faqyou.de) we offer young people the possibility to inform themselves flexible, fast and reliable about topics as: sex, love and prevention. We have spared no effort and expenses to create a technically and content-wise high-quality product with a holistic approach that meets the high demands of our target group.

„Today, we see many silos in the sexual health sector. It remains a challenge for our generation to access credible content, get the right answers on demand and to access youth-friendly services. We want to change this by creating a digital one-stop-shop solution for all needs on sexual health and education that meet the needs of our young target group. We believe that we need more innovation in prevention and „FAQ YOU“ will be our answer to push these topics and to make a difference in the life of young people.“ - Daniel Nagel, Ohhh!.

Specifically, we offer young people not only an AI-based chatbot that answers questions about sex and love, but also useful everyday helpers that are available 24/7, discreetly and directly from their smartphones. These include, for example, our Condom Size Checker, which uses predefined models or self-entered data to recommend the right condom size. If you don't have one at hand, a map with the next purchase option will help you. If this information comes too late, or if there is a need for it in some other way, FAQ YOU also offers a map where test sites for sexually transmitted diseases are marked. Additionally, users will find a media library where they can access our FAQ YOU podcast, blog texts and videos.

We were supported in this project by our strong partners, such as AXA, MSD Sharp & Dohme and Gilead Sciences. We are grateful for the commitment of our partners, which ultimately enables us to help our generation to live healthier lives through modern technology.