FAQ YOU platform release for German speaking audience

Just in time for summer, our FAQ YOU brand launched our new platform for a German audience, FAQ YOU.de. The platform is tailored to young people under the age of 26, offering advice for sexual health issues and answering Frequently Asked Questions about sex and love.

With our FAQ YOU TikTok account being one of the biggest organisational-channels in Germany, over the course of the last year we were able to reach millions of young people with answers, important facts and inspirations for a better, healthier sex life. After ohhh! has been working with teenagers and students on improving sexual education in schools for over ten years, the new platform finally allows us to take another step towards our goal and purpose: Revolutionising sexual education and supporting young people in experiencing and embracing their sexuality safely and comfortably.

The FAQ YOU platform serves as a practical and sustainable “one-stop-shop” for sexual health, providing professionally backed-up answers to Frequently Asked Questions around the topics of sexual health, sexuality and love. This is complemented by informational material like articles and videos, as well as interactive applications like a “condom-size-checker” and a chatbot that answers anonymous questions. The platform stands out by not only offering carefully chosen and edited educational material and occasional cameos from influencers, but also entertaining though new, innovative content and interactive tools. This way, young people are being encouraged to deal with the topics of sexual health and identity – on eye-level, without shame or prejudice.

Furthermore, FAQ YOU.de is growing and offering new content and features every month, like an HPV-vaccine-check (will my health insurance pay for the “vaccine against anal-, penile-and cervical cancer”?), or a searching-tool for STI-testing facilities (as there is a huge lack of youth-friendly options). While the platform is designed to meet the needs and interests of teenagers and young adults, there will follow an E-Learning programme at the end of the year, supplementing our current workshop-programme and materials and supporting teachers in designing modern sex-ed classes that appeal to teenagers.

“With the new FAQ YOU platform we are re-thinking sexual education – we are giving young people the opportunity to access information self-sufficient and out of curiosity, without shame or awkwardness. The platform is tailored to our young target group perfectly, all while keeping up the professional and educational valuable standard the ohhh! foundation has been setting itself for years. FAQ YOU.de is more than just an addition to sexual education at schools and to talks with parents: it offers teenagers and young adults everything they need to explore the topics of sex and love – safely and on their own conditions.”

-         Daniel Nagel, CEO ohhh! foundation

The FAQ YOU platform is the result of years of experience in working with students in the line of “Projekt Aufklärung” and a step towards extensive and integral, all-around sexual education. It shows how much ohhh! has grown and professionalised as an organisation and underlines how much potential lies in the digitalisation of sexual education. To optimise the project, we have been working together with experts on different fields and were supported by national and international organisations such as the WHO and the German Bundesministerium fuer Gesundheit:

„I want to thank you for the work that you are doing. We, the Federal Ministry of Health, are happy to support this important educational programme.”

-         Federal Minister of Health and ohhh! Board-member Jens Spahn

Furthermore, the successful launch is a result of the close collaboration with our partners. We are grateful to the BMG, MSD AXA, Gilead, Durex, loved agency and many more for the support, dedication and determination – Thank you.

With the FAQ YOU.de platform being online, we are recording a great achievement. Nevertheless: There still is a lot to be done and a whole bunch of work waiting for us. So stay tuned for what’s coming next and visit FAQ YOU.de!