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"Yes, I swear." When it really comes down to it, we get out our FAQ YOU Sex-Ed "Bible" and ask for the oath of office.

Anyone who has followed our work closely in recent years will know Dr Stefan Zippel well. With around 400,000 young people having attended his lectures, Dr. Z (as in Generation Z 😉 ) is not only one of Germany's most high-profile sex education experts, but has also been an integral part of our network for many years. We are therefore very pleased that Stefan will be working for us in the future as Education & Training Director to further develop our sex education work in schools and to ensure the quality of our content.+

"Stefan comes at exactly the right time in our transformation. We want to grow and become the leading organisation in the field of prevention and sexual health of young people.  Stefan will provide important momentum on this journey. In our leadership team, he will be responsible for peer educator training and analogue education work in schools. The fact that I was able to convince him to take responsibility in the leadership team is further proof of the great development of our organisation." Daniel Nagel (CEO, ohhh! foundation)

"I have been working in the field of sexual health for over 30 years and have educated around 400,000 young people in my lifetime. Today, as then, a self-confident and safe approach to one's own sexuality is crucial to leading a healthy and fulfilled life. Ohhh! has been making an important contribution here for many years and I am looking forward to rolling up my sleeves together with the team and further expanding the educational work as Education & Training Director. Here's to the next 400,000 young people - let's do it!" Dr. Stefan Zippel, (Education & Training Director, ohhh! foundation)